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How to Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

Posted by Norman Polsky on August 21, 2012 in No Category
 Large-scale storms and natural disasters can come at a great personal and financial cost to homeowners. Homeowners who are prepared for these occurrences and aware of how to protect their assets may be in a stronger position to ride out storms and recoup their losses. While there is little individuals can do to prevent significant damages, there are steps they can take to protect themselves and their home. Ensure insurance coverage is adequate The first step individuals should take to protect themsel... read more
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Have You Ever Consider a Career in Real Estate Sales

Posted by Norman Polsky on August 15, 2012 in No Category
 I’m Irene McCann and this is my Coldwell Banker® success story. I started my real estate career with a company that financially rewarded agents who were successful recruiters. So when my personal success became more about how many agents I brought in and less about how many clients I helped buy or sell a home, I knew that I needed a change.   Serving My Clients, Not Recruiting Agents I found that I wasn’t a recruiter and didn’t really want to be. When I made my decision to leave, I want... read more
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Best Places to Live in Missouri

Posted by Norman Polsky on August 14, 2012 in No Category
  Best Places To Live In Missouri Choose from one of the top 20 Missouri cities below to find out how it fared on the  Coldwell Banker ® Best Places to Live for Social Seekers report. Clayton Brentwood Crystal Lake Park Columbia Warson Woods Glendale Richmond Heights Kirkwood St. Louis Creve Coeur Webster Groves Ladue Town and Country Kansas City Ballwin Maryland Heights Olivette Manchester ... read more
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Decide if Homeownership is Right for You

Posted by Norman Polsky on August 12, 2012 in No Category
   DECIDING TO BUY A HOME IN TODAY’S MARKET COLDWELL BANKER PROVIDES TIPS TO HELP FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS DECIDE IF NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY For those with the financial wherewithal and lifestyle need, today’s market provides a potentially great opportunity to buy a home.  Homeownership can provide many financial, lifestyle and social benefits.  In today’s market, buyers also benefit from plenty of homes to choose from, low mortgage rates, home ownership tax advantages and ... read more
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93% of Buyers Start Their Home Search on the Web.

Posted by Norman Polsky on August 10, 2012 in No Category
93% of Home Buyers turn to the Internet to look for homes. Which homes capture their time and attention? Listings of homes for sale, of course. But listings with plenty of information including a visual presentation of the home. In fact 97% of consumers surveyed prefer listings with virtual tours and multiple photos. Sounds obvious? Imagine if on eBay, an automotive or hotel website you just saw a couple of lines of text describing the item offered. No photos, no feature rich information about the specificati... read more
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