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5 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes - Check out these plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. Many homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor living space but don’t want to get eaten by mosquitoes while doing so. Bug repellents and bug zappers are effective but don’t keep those nasty bugs away from your outdoor living area. Check out these plants that naturally repel mosquitoes and other annoying bugs that keep you from using your outdoor space more often: 1. Lavender This beautiful purple colored plan... read more
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These Mortgages Pay for Home Renovations

Posted by Kailey Hagar on June 28, 2018 in No Category
Provided by Robin Saks FrankelMany people don’t realize that there are renovation loans that can help pay for your housing upgrades. Whether you need a new roof or your kitchen is outdated, there is a mortgage that’s right for your fixer-upper. Here are your options and what you should know about each one. Government-Backed Home Renovation LoansOne of the best-known loans for home improvements, Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation loan allows borrowers to either buy a place that needs repairs or ref... read more
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A Complete Glossary Of Home Selling Terms

. . . . Sometimes Agents Seem to Be Talking a Foreign Language . . . Maybe This Will Help
Posted by Norman Polsky on June 07, 2018 in No Category
A Complete Glossary of Home Selling Terms To help prepare you for the home selling process, we’ve created a complete glossary of real estate terms. What’s the CMA of your home and does the buyer have a plan for paying the closing costs? Does that sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo? If it does, then it’s time that you get up to date on the latest real estate lingo. When selling a home, it’s impossible to avoid real estate terminology. Everyone uses it from your real estate agent to your bank loa... read more
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In Selecting a Moving Company . . . What are the Questions You Should Ask?

Cheap is not always the way to go . . . Below are the Questions you shuld be asking
Posted by Norman Polsky on May 20, 2018 in No Category
Do not be mislead by cheaper moving companies. Do you have any references? No matter what job you’re looking to hire someone for, references are a large part of what secures your trust and comfort in their ability to perform the task effectively. When looking for movers, be sure to ask the company if they can provide references or a link to some reviews of their business, just to be sure they’re legit. Additionally, whether they’re references or reviews, make sure to secure multiple of either to b... read more
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5 Suggestions for Buying a Home in Today's Hot Real Estate Market

The Market in the St. Louis area has definitely increased
Posted by Norman Polsky on April 01, 2018 in No Category
5 Ideas To Buying in a Hot Market Get pre-approved by a lender. You'll know the limits on how much home you can afford, how much money to put down, and what your interest rate will be. A pre-approval letter will assure the seller that you're ready to buy. Find a real estate agent who you can trust who will provide you with the information to make a good decision. Make a realistic must-have list. When you find a home you like . . . write a personal note to the seller telling them something about yourself and the... read more
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